There are 210,811 characters tracked on TreeStats. Here are 100 of the most recently updated ones:

Character Server
Entrance Wound Reefcull
Cglife LostWoods AC
+Advocate KimchiKraut Shadowsow
+Advocate Shumani Shadowsow
Cgvoid LostWoods AC
Severuzzz Coldeve
Abot I Reefcull
Blood Wound Reefcull
Maiden Fair Reefcull
Cg Cloaks LostWoods AC
Marquis de Sade Coldeve
Cg Keymaster LostWoods AC
Red Aetheria Powder Coldeve
Sable XXXX Coldeve
Drak's Weapons Coldeve
Bunzzz Coldeve
Cg Summoned LostWoods AC
Eastham Hooka Foredawn
Tiber Mule II Reefcull
Mule of Strange II Reefcull
Sable XXXXX Coldeve
Bats InfiniteAC
Airborne InfiniteAC
Hadean Noir Reefcull
Ozy's Suit Builder Reefcull
Cg Salvage LostWoods AC
A Two Man Coldeve
Cg Exp Items LostWoods AC
Hulkbuster Reefcull
Ozy Mule Reefcull
The Usual Suspect Reefcull
Gorum Dah Reefcull
Ozymandiasebon Reefcull
Life Wound Reefcull
Cgwar LostWoods AC
Son of Strange VI Reefcull
Son of Strange IV Reefcull
Strange Tink Reefcull
Airborne InfiniteAC
Cg Rares LostWoods AC
Executive Coldeve
I Hold Ivory Coldeve
Imperial Topaz LostWoods AC
Vaug Frostcull
Colorings Coldeve
The Patriot Reefcull
Cg Tinker and Crafter LostWoods AC
Noa Coldeve
Void Wound Reefcull
Cgblade LostWoods AC
Ghengis Kahn Reefcull
Rancid Salvage Coldeve
Magic D Armor Reefcull
Amuli Aristocrat Reefcull
Rykker Coldeve
Floosi InfiniteAC
Mallevar Drunkenfell
The Usual Suspect V Reefcull
Son of Strange V Reefcull
Raven McKage Reefcull
Drak's Tinker Coldeve
Soldier's Defense Drunkenfell
Gawainx Drunkenfell
Megumin Drunkenfell
Spartan Armor Reefcull
The Usual Suspect VII Reefcull
Flavor Coldeve
Above The Waves Levistras
Viylic InfiniteAC
Tallason Thistlecrown
Mechtalas Thistlecrown
Spartan Tinker Reefcull
Unseen LostWoods AC
+Whatcha LostWoods AC
Sky InfiniteAC
Noodle InfiniteAC
Uuyrdeinar Coldeve
Nether Wound Reefcull
Mind Thistlecrown
B R I E F C A S E Coldeve
Ner Coldeve
Cabeclan X Reefcull
Uuyrdsten Coldeve
I Hold Green Garnet Coldeve
Son of Strange II Reefcull
Tulnio Thistlecrown
Uuyrdbrynjar Coldeve
K R I E G Coldeve
Fetcher Kant Reefcull
Rended Salvage Reefcull
Dix E Normus Coldeve
Ua Mage Coldeve
Drakkon Coldeve
Cabeclan Reefcull
Thinkin' Triple Harvestbud
Sable Coldeve
Derethian Travel Agency XV Reefcull
Do Me XXX Coldeve
Shared Frostcull
Wolfstagen Frostcull