There are 227,012 characters tracked on TreeStats. Here are 100 of the most recently updated ones:

Character Server
Herp Goes the Horse Frostcull
Memester IV Reefcull
Memster III Reefcull
Memester Reefcull
Joe Blow Reefcull
Jamiroquai Coldeve
Woot Goes the Wombat Frostcull
Handyman Coldeve
Sort this stuff Reefcull
Key Man Lviii Reefcull
Plaz Levistras
Little Lady Ra Drunkenfell
Radio Reefcull
Tremendous Harvestbud
The Librarian Coldeve
Asheron's Secret Love Child Reefcull
Submarine Deep Levistras
Strange Magericks Reefcull
Portal Gem Bot Reefcull
Big Dumb Dummy Head Drunkenfell
Clide Coldeve
Ebony Coldeve
Hogwarii Reefcull
Moonstar Coldeve
Armor XXIII Reefcull
Stelise Coldeve
Tint's Portals IV Reefcull
El Mulo Coldeve
Bonney Coldeve
Neferu Reefcull
Pol DuskFall
Crafty Burro Reefcull
Dirty Little Void Coldeve
Brycter's Tinker Coldeve
Hacksaw Reefcull
Taz DuskFall
Unknown Misery Reefcull
Bud ibn Weiser Coldeve
Pretty Fly Coldeve
Walmart Coldeve
Dark Side Coldeve
Hq Powerups Coldeve
Turbollo Thistlecrown
Armor Mule Thistlecrown
General Reefcull
Hogwariv Reefcull
Wile E Coyote Coldeve
Kvothe the Bloodless Levistras
Dominic Perignon Reefcull
Cain Mart VIII Coldeve
Newb Weapons and Items Reefcull
Lorenzo Cain Reefcull
Emjae Crossbow Reefcull
Lucy VanPelt Reefcull
Pierce Brosnan Reefcull
Kvothe the Arcane Levistras
Hadean Noir Reefcull
Taz II DuskFall
Strange Tink Reefcull
Son of Strange IX Reefcull
Major Domo Reefcull
Lady Emeralds' Reefcull
Paternator Reefcull
Avoid DuskFall
Axe Gang Coldeve
Seatac Reefcull
Aristodemus Reefcull
Tint's Tink's II Reefcull
Gorgo of Sparta Reefcull
Sweetbread Reefcull
Lucien Reefcull
Dilios Reefcull
Hollywood Coldeve
Son of Strange IV Reefcull
My Rares Coldeve
Full Weapon Tink Bags Reefcull
Snipper Coldeve
Ebonbasher Coldeve
Ebonsmasher Coldeve
Rerollin Reefcull
Eboncrusher Coldeve
Gamma Ray Reefcull
Aph's Major Domo Seedsow
Brassy II Reefcull
Teemo Coldeve
Wrestling Walter Harvestbud
Blastoise DuskFall
Lucky Queen Coldeve
Lady imperial Topaz' Reefcull
Five Finger Finesse Punch Reefcull
Level Eight Compsss Coldeve
Ephialtes Reefcull
Plown InfiniteAC
Emjae Trade Dude Reefcull
Dark Void Reefcull
Rottweiller DuskFall
Themistocles Reefcull
Queen Chers Keyz IIII Reefcull
Queen Chers Keyz III Reefcull
Kasandra Reefcull